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Fremantle Fire Festival

I was delighted to be invited by Fleur Schell,along with a few other pyromaniacs,  to light up the sky at a local Mosman Park school.7 Raku kilns were continuously stoked for 6 hours to fire the students work.

Adil Writer, an installation artist and wood firer from India, was the artist in residence. Throughout the week he had built, with the aid of students, 2 beehive kilns. One was  wrapped in ceramic fibre and at the appropriate temperature the fibre would be removed and wheat husks showered over the surface igniting and giving a spectacular effect. The 2nd kiln to fire and leave as a permanent sculpture.

The images are of the event, along with a video at the link below


Adil, mixing his beer batter glaze
Adil and Cher
The kilns
Adil and Gill
Raku kilns
The stokers
Cher's work with Adil's beer glaze
The Raku firers
Fleur and Adil