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Janet Mansfield, potter, author, educator and now publisher.

Owen Rye's 'The Art of WoodFire', is a long awaited book and is the 2nd to be published by the Mansfield Press. The first being Alan Peascod's biography.

The review of Rye's book by Robert Sanderson is published in the Journal of Australian Ceramics 50/3 Nov 2011

Quote" If you are a student of ceramics, it provides a valuable insight into a creative process that thrives on chance and an aesthetic  of inperfection, if you are a collector of ceramics, it offers a window through which to view and gain understanding of contemporary Australian woodfired ceramics"

Robert Sanderson is co editor and publisher of The Log Book. An international journal dedicated to wood-fired ceramics.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book a PDF form is available  here for your convenience.

Owen Rye with Rowley Drydale and Janet Mansfield at the Book Launch