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Woodfire Tas 2011

Talks, films, forums and exhibitions were the order of the  day for Woodfire TAS 2011 this year.

Held in Deloraine Tasmania, 200 like minded potters congregated for 4 days by the meandering Meander River.

Neil Hoffman (convener) will know doubt be very pleased with the efforts of his team, that made this a successful conference.

Owen Rye's long awaited book, The Art of Wood Fire was launched and very well received, It is the second book to to be published by Mansfield Press.

The Fifty Australian Wood Firers Exhibition, curator Ben Richardson saw a staggering array of work from all parts of Australia.

Jan Irvine Nealie had the task to set up this very impressive show.

The last day of the conference was at Reedy Marsh ( Neil's property) some 12 km north of Deloraine, set in amongst the forrest, it was a very pleasant place to host the woodfire challenge.

The challenge was to build a kiln, make cooking vessels and then cook a meal in the kiln. 6 teams made 6 completely different kilns.

It was a fitting end to a great weekend.

Deloraine, Tasmania Australia
Graham Basiville-Robinson and Darryl Frost, NZ ( Top of the South )
Fifty Australian Woodfirers Exhibition, Robert Barron
Fifty Australian Woodfirers Exhibition
Fifty Australian Woodfirers Exhibition
Fifty Australian Woodfirers Exhibition, Graeme Wilkie
Fifty Australian Woodfirers Exhibition
Fifty Australian Woodfirers Exhibition
Tara Wilson, curator Early Career Woodfirers USA
Eric Knoche, Josh Copus, Tara Wilson( USA )
Early Career Woodfirers USA,
Launch of Owen Rye's  book, The Art of Woodfire, Owen with Rowley Drysdale and Janet mansfield
Malina Monks
Malina Monks, work in progress
Graeme Wilkie, demonstrating
Graeme Wilkie
Torbjorn Kvasbo, Norway
Dan Murphy, work in progress
Dan Murphy
Steve Williams, demonstrating
Steve Williams
Jack Troy demonstrating
Owen Rye and Jack Troy in conversation
Chester Nealie, the Art of the Tumble Stack, Reedy Marsh
Vicki Grima as co judge for the kiln and bake off competion
Robert Sanderson ( Ireland, Log Book ) Inspecting a kiln
Travis ? USA team
Shiro Otani making table ware for the competion